We give shape to concrete

For over 40 years, we have been handcrafting formworks and solutions in expanded polystyrene for designers and construction companies.


Our applications solve cases of complex carpentry, reconciling practicality and care for the aesthetic result.

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Concrete formwork design systems significantly increase creative potential of stable structures to apply any shape of profile, including…

prefabbricato alleggerito 10


Lightweight pre-fabricated elements are applied on the facade walls of a building for decorative purposes. Cornices, floor markers,…

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Expanded polystyrene processing

A new product that comes from the desire to exploit the many years of experience in the production…


Our goal is to give voice to creative needs and ensure maximum constructive freedom to our customers, helping them to find solutions to the most diverse construction situations.

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For builders

We create a product that can solve complex carpentry challenges that follow the designer’s plan and can help builders carry their projects to fruition.


For architects

Our products allow you to create custom projects in reinforced concrete. From restorations to modern buildings, from reproductions to new architectural designs.


The space where we talk about us, some of the work we've participated in, and how we've taken up and met the challenge we've been given.

Pilastro in calcestruzzo realizzato con casseri per pilastri Arbloc

Formwork for pillars: a practical case in Milan