Concrete formwork design systems significantly increase creative potential of stable structures to apply any shape of profile, including complex shapes. From the restoration of buildings to the modern building, Styrofoam formwork perfectly represents customization potential of our product.

Intended use

Solid experience accumulated by Arbloc during 40 years defines excellence of our solutions and customization opportunities in concrete formwork design.

Following modern trends in design for each type of processing and complex developing projects, we offer construction of formwork for stairs, vaults, columns, cornices, molds for pier caps, balconies, arches and cemetery niches.


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Custom-made formworks

Custom-made formworks are the most typical expression of Arbloc’s production because they highlight the multiple possibilities of processing polystyrene foam.


Formworks for prefabrication

Formworks for prefabricated components are a complement to custom-designed formworks for the prefabrication sector and allow for the creation of complex forms.


Formworks for stairs

Arbloc has introduced computer design in the production of formworks for stairs. This allows us to be precise in the development of 3D shapes based on drawings, the same result…


Formworks for columns

Today, they are ideal for projects that have a complex or articulated architectural design.


Formworks for pier caps

Arbloc’s formworks for pier caps refl ect the geometries of the design, without restrictions. Using numerically. controlled cutters the shaped polystyrene gives to the concrete the desired appearance, as planned…


Formworks for vaults

Vaults are structures in great demand not only for the renovation of old edifi ces but also for the construction of new buildings.


Formworks for arches

ARCOFORM formwork in polystyrene foam is used to create concrete arches directly at the building yard.


Formworks for framing Topform

Today, the most widespread system for creating cornices is the use of polystyrene molds.


Formworks for balconies

Arbloc provides formworks for the decoration of balconies. Made according to design, these molds allow construction or pre-fabricated housing companies to cast curved section floor slabs and parapets with any…


Decorated concrete

Decor are single-use polystyrene foam molds used to model concrete surface.


Formworks for cemetery niches

Arbloc has been producing formworks for cemetery niches for more than twentyseven years.


Formworks for hollow core plinths

The reusable formworks for hollow core plinths are made of a full block of polystyrene foam cut into a truncated pyramid with sizes as requested by the customer.