Formworks for balconies

Arbloc provides formworks for the decoration of balconies. Made according to design, these molds allow construction or pre-fabricated housing companies to cast curved section floor slabs and parapets with any type of profile. The pictures in this section will enable designers and customers to appreciate the wide range of solutions we can provide.

casseforme per balconi 01


The types of materials that are used to coat the polystyrene foam, such as wood, sheet steel, plastic film and spray-on resins are selected on the basis of the quality of the fair facing to be achieved. Our solutions include concrete forming molds to be placed at the bottom of the formwork as well as the materials for the bottom in order to achieve the required surface finish. We design formworks for pre-fabricated balcony parapets as well as for parapets that are poured on site.

Please forward us your plans so we can draw up a related estimate.