Formwork for pillars: a practical case in Milan

Formwork for pillars a practical case of use of Arbloc formwork in Milan

Pilastro in calcestruzzo realizzato con casseri per pilastri Arbloc

We have been making formwork for pillars for many years, but in this article, we will tell you how we contributed to the creation of a very distinctive V-shaped pillar in the heart of Milan.

Let’s delve into some statistics about this pillar and our involvement:

  • Height: 8 metres
  • Column diameter: 600 mm
  • Compressive strength of polystyrene used: 120 kN/sqm
  • Formwork reusability: 3 times

Abutment formwork study and design

Given the complexity and size of the column, the formwork design focused on developing a product capable of sustaining multiple reuses while ensuring a smooth facing and a clean joint. The joint was reinforced with a milled panel, and additional joints were created to accommodate sheet metal profiles, enhancing the compressive strength of the polystyrene.

Finishing the polystyrene formwork

The polystyrene surface was coated with our specially treated resin to achieve a good quality facing.

Concrete pillar formwork

Logistics and transport of special formwork

Delivery to the construction site was by special transport, with subsequent storage on the ground. The proper handling on site was assessed during the planning stage.

Handling of concrete pillar formwork

Rapidoget: The closing system for Arbloc formworks for pillars

Once the iron was laid, the formwork was closed with its corresponding half. This closure system for column formwork is called ‘Rapidoget’ and we refer to it as self-supporting. You can explore it in detail in the dedicated section of our website.

The system designed in this way contributes to a ‘hermetic’ closure of the formwork, resulting in a clean joint. The resin surface in contact with the concrete, on the other hand, is responsible for the quality of the casting.

The end result

Formworks for concrete pillars made in Milan

The V-shaped pillar envisioned by the designer was faithfully realised. A complex column, standing over eight metres high, ascends impressively to the satisfaction of the client, the construction company, and our mould supplier.

To successfully complete works of this complexity and achieve a good result, the study of the formwork is pivotal. During the design phase, the Arbloc technical department evaluates all relevant aspects, aiming for the best functional and aesthetic outcome through continuous dialogue with the construction company.

The most satisfying results are always achieved through collaboration. Visit the business section of our website to discover how we can become your strategic partner.