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We create a product that can solve complex carpentry challenges that follow the designer’s plan and can help builders carry their projects to fruition.

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Practical solutions for complex situations

Arbloc has produced coated polystyrene foam formworks for concrete casts for more than 40 years. Our company’s story began with the creation of a reusable product for the construction of cemetery niches. Since then, our firm’s mission has been to provide solutions for construction companies utilizing our formworks to meet practical needs on the building site.

Over time our product was improved through ongoing research and development of increasingly efficient formworks, the choice of new coating materials, three-dimensional design, consulting, and on-site support for the users of our formworks.

Our building-site products

Arbloc provides formworks to create ledges, arches, vaults, niches, columns, stairs, exposed walls, as well as personalized and custom elements for the restoration of existing buildings and new construction. Not only products for casting concrete: prefabricated lightweight elements allow for decorating façades with custom-designed cornices, pediments, string courses, window frames, and resonators for new construction or restoration of historic buildings within the existing urban heritage.

How we work

Our goal is to partner with builders in creating complex concrete structures. To this end, each application is researched as a unique, non-standardized project.

  • Personalized commercial consulting
  • Research into the most suitable technical solutions for the client’s needs
  • Craftmanship
  • Numerical control cutting machines
  • On-site and after-sale support

These assets allow us to create a unique product that can adapt to the specific needs of each client.

Arbloc works beside you to solve every project challenge

Modern architecture involves projects with innovative forms that increasingly free the designer’s imagination, which sometimes poses a real challenge for the builders hired to create them. Arbloc has always stood beside builders to overcome project challenges and give form to materials with its products, and not only cement: We are researching ways to create seamless free curves in space in the field of street furniture and furnishing accessories.

Whether your design challenge is small or large, Arbloc is your partner in solving it.

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